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Need an accessible room?

If you are paying for your hotel room yourself


If you need an accessible room and you or your organization are paying for your hotel room, you will need to make your reservation directly with the hotel. It is crucial that you let hotel staff know about your access needs in advance and with as much detail as possible. If you require a Homer Lift, roll-in shower, step stool, or have specific needs related to bed height or clearance, please make sure the hotel is aware.


NOTE: A hotel block of accessible rooms at the Westin has been secured; if you intend to stay at the Westin and require an accessible room, we will need to release a room from our hotel block so you can book it directly. Please contact at or call (800) 362-2546 so that we can assist you.

If the Governor’s Council is securing your hotel room

If you require an accessible room, are a scholarship recipient, and live outside of the Indianapolis are, or if you are speaker or guest of the Governor’s Council, please let our event manager know of your access needs in advance and do not contact the hotel.


Are you a scholarship recipient and use a wheelchair?

The supply of accessible hotel rooms at the Marriott and Westin is limited, requiring us to plan carefully to maximize the hotel space to ensure that every conference participant is accommodated. For those individuals not paying for their hotel room directly, we typically assign motorized wheelchair users to the Westin and assign manual wheelchair users to the Marriott to minimize the distance that manual wheelchair users must travel. If you use a power wheelchair and have travel limitation or another reason that you need to stay at the Marriott, please let us know.

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Most Common Hotel Room Access Issues by Attendees

  • Unable to use Hoyer Lift because attendee did not confirm that hotel bed allowed lift to slide underneath.
  • Shower not adequate because attendee did not specify roll-in shower.
  • Attendee did not request shower chair, step-stool, etc. in advance and hotel was unable to provide one at check-in.
  • Attendee unable to use bed because bed was too high/low.
  • Attendee utilized valet parking assuming parking costs were covered as a scholarship recipient. (NOTE: Discount off-site parking with shuttle is provided and free valet parking may be available on a case-by-case basis if requested in advance.

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Indianapolis Marriott Downtown

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