The Indiana Governor’s Conference on Disability is committed to providing participants with accommodations that will assist them in fully enjoying the conference.

Questions / Request an Accommodation

To help conference organizers plan for the conference, please indicate which disability accommodations you need when you register. If the disability accommodation you would like is not listed please email

The conference offers the following disability accommodations:

Accessible Parking

Please let us know if you require accessible parking. For those requesting accessible parking who are able to walk or travel a short distance, parking at the hotel’s parking garage will be provided. For those who have more limited mobility, valet parking may be arranged depending on availability and need. Please note that  the conference will be providing an off-site parking option a short distance from the hotel with regular and frequent shuttle pick up and drop off service at the hotel entrance. Attendees are strongly encouraged to utilize this option if possible as the walking distance is shorter than if using the hotel garage and the same distance if using valet. 

Accessible Presentations

The Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities has prepared a set of guidelines for creating accessible presentations. Read the full set of guidelines here

Alternate Document Formats

Please indicate on your registration form if you require conference materials in an alternate format. Large print, Braille, and electronic copies on a USB drive will be provided upon request. Additionally, workshop handouts can be viewed electronically using the conference smartphone app.

ASL Interpreters

The Governor’s Council coordinates interpreting service or those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Please indicate if you require an ASL interpreter during registration. ASL interpreters will be available during plenary sessions and will be assigned to workshops based on attendee needs. If you request an interpreter, you will be contacted prior to the start of the conference to determine your workshop selections so interpreters can be assigned most effectively. Additionally, ASL interpreters will be available at the registration table during peak registration hours and will be roaming during conference breaks.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assisted listening devices are portable headsets provided by the Governor’s Council through its contracted audio/visual company. Please indicate if you request an assistive listening device when registering. An FM system type device will be provided unless you request an induction loop device. 

CART – Captioning

Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription (CART) will be available at all plenary sessions.

Environmental/Chemical Sensitivities

To help make this event accessible to participants for whom synthetic fragrances or other chemical odors are irritating or pose reproductive dangers, the Governor’s Council requests that you attend any conference activities free of perfume, cologne, body sprays, and other heavily scented personal care products. Cigarette smoke also remains an access barrier for many. The law requires we maintain a smoke-free environment indoors. If you wish to smoke, please use the venues’ designated outdoor smoking areas and refrain from smoking near any other doorways or paths of travel.

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Please let us know about any dietary restrictions or food allergies when registering or as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Service Animals

ADA approved service animals are welcome in all spaces at the Marriott. An area will be designated and advertised to attendees at the conference for pet relief.

Attendees are reminded that service animals are working animals and should not distract or attempt to pet them.

Quiet Room / Mother’s Room

A quiet room will be available at the conference. The quiet room is intended to provide a quiet, calm space where conference attendees can spend time away from noise, lights, and other stimuli of conference spaces. The quiet room is not available for conversations or meetings.